Even as she got older, Lolita enjoyed the shows at the Miami Seaquarium. | Photo: Joyous King, License: Photographer's permission

Balancing the Needs of the Many with the Needs of the One Named Tokitae (Lolita)

Published on zoologic.libsyn.com the 13.04.2023. | By: Dr Grey Stafford with Dr Jason Bruck & Shari Tarantino

Is the need of some people to release Lolita, which will likely lead to her death, more important than the old orca’s need for welfare? Experts explore this question, which is currently a topic of heated discussion worldwide.

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Note on the cover picture’s caption: Lolita actually enjoys the shows and practically demands them. Routines are very important for the old orca. Even when Miami Seaquarium had to close for safety reasons during a storm, the trainers still held the shows and all they entailed so that she could keep her cherished routine. Therefore, you can very well say that even at an old age, she enjoyed the shows. It is highly questionable how this will be implemented during transport to and later – if she makes it that far – in the sea pen.

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