Loro Parque: Measuring energy consumption of orcas

Published on Loro Parque’s YouTube channel the 04.05.2023. Orca Ocean in Loro Parque is an important place for research. Thanks to the orcas there, major questions have been solved. This time, the matter at hand was measuring the energy consumption of killer whales. » to the full video

Do Something with Parrots: 50 Years of loro Parque

Published on ftigluecksmomente.podigee.io the 18.12.2022. | By: Sainey Sawaneh & Dominik Hoffmann The podcast episode combines a report about the impressions of the anniversary celebration and an interview with Christoph Kiessling about Loro Parque‘s work. » to the full episode

Loro Parque’s 50th Anniversary – Teaser

Published on Loro Parque’s YouTube channel the 16.12.2022. In 2022, Loro Parque celebrates its 50th anniversary. In this teaser, the founder and president looks back upon half a century of the zoo‘s existence. » to the full video

Loro Parque: Conservation of 6 Canary snail species

Published on Loro Parque’s YouTube channel the 12.11.2022. Thanks to the Loro Parque Foundation, ten species have already been saved from extinction. In the meantime, the foundation has expanded its portfolio to include invertebrates. » to the full video