Zoo Dortmund: Release into the wild of the little owl

Published on the Facebook page of Zoo Dortmund the 02.01.2019. | By: Marcel Stawinoga Certain populations of the little owl (Athene noctua) are locally endangered. The animals are bred at zoos, to be released into the wild, as they are of utmost importance for ecosystems. Some have now been released by the Zoo Dortmund, in […]

Animal of the week: Slow lorises at Dortmund Zoo

Published on radio912.de the 26.05.2021. | By: Nadine Dömel The slow lorises are absolute stars at Dortmund Zoo and also ambassadors for conservation. Flori, for instance, has a very special history that helps visitors understand the problems that these endangered animals face in nature. » to the article & radio broadcast

Dortmund Zoo: Are bars bad enclosure boundaries?

Published on the Facebook page of Dortmund Zoo the 07.04.2021. | By: Marcel Stawinoga Bars have a poor reputation when it comes to enclosure design in zoos. This contribution critically analyses this because: bars can also benefit the animals.

Dortmund Zoo: One Year of Willi

Published on the Facebook page of Dortmund Zoo the 09.01.2021. | By: Marcel Stawinoga In this contribution, Dortmund Zoo looks back on the first year with rhino calf Willi and shows his development in a vivid video.