Such grid images often give a wrong impression - like here with a leopard in Dortmund Zoo | Photo: Lyenia, License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Dortmund Zoo: Are bars bad enclosure boundaries?

Published on the Facebook page of Dortmund Zoo the 07.04.2021. | By: Marcel Stawinoga

Bars have a poor reputation when it comes to enclosure design in zoos. This contribution critically analyses this because: bars can also benefit the animals.

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Note: Pictures with bars evoke a negative impression on many people – as is the case with the cover photo for this article [the original can be found here]. Ultimately though, the picture shows a positively curious leopard looking at visitors. It is, however, certainly not representative of the husbandry as these examples (1, 2, 3) show. In Dortmund, the leopards have a beautiful enclosure ensuring their well-being. We have shown how images can evoke the wrong impression in the following video:

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