Zoo Krefeld: A present for the chimpanzees

Published on wz.de the 18.12.2018. | By: Yvonne Brandt A new outdoor area, which will cost 1,9 millions, is to be build for the chimpanzees at Zoo Krefeld – this is possible thanks to the Zoofreunde Krefeld and the Dr. Harald-Hack foundation. » more

Krefeld Zoo: Recently, among the red pandas

Published on Krefeld Zoo’s Facebook page the 18.02.2022. In this post, Krefeld Zoo reports about the romantic relations among the red pandas and a Joint Venture with the WWF relating to conservation. » to the full post

Luke runs at Krefeld Zoo

Published on the YouTube channel “Kultomat – Kultur aus Krefeld” the 19.10.2021. Two episodes of the special series “Luke läuft” (Luke runs) introduce the viewer to Krefeld Zoo. This is the first episode of the series.

How Krefeld Zoo is preparing for the opening

Published on rp-online.de the 08.02.2021. Krefeld Zoo has opted for optimism in these difficult times and is looking positively into the future of one of Krefeld’s most important cultural institutions. » to the full article