Whipsnade Zoo: Conserving elephants

Published on zsl.org the 06.05.2022. | By: Malcolm Fitzpatrick The chief curator of the British Whipsnade Zoo, which belongs to the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), provides insights into the conservation work to preserve elephants in the wild. » to the full article

COVID-19: the wildlife facts

Publihed on zsl.org the 09.04.2020. | By: Andrew Cunningham Even during the current pandemic zoos take their educational mission seriously – the Zoological Society of London, for instance, has experts in it’s own ranks. » to the full article

Since when do zoos exist?

The Zoological Gardens have a long history of a thousand years. Only a few of the former institutions still exist today.

What tasks does a zoo have?

The fact that zoological gardens try to protect endangered species from extinction through breeding programs is well known. But they also have other tasks.

How is the term zoo defined?

Zoo is not the same as zoo? How do the various animal parks, animal gardens and wild parks differ? There are at least a few regulations.