Fundamental Rights for Primates?

Published on the 08.10.2020. | By: zooschweiz Animal rights activists want to give primates fundamental rights – what are we to make of this? The article clarifies. » to the full article

The Tale of Chimpanzee Vanilla

Exclusively for – 06/29/2023. Author: Philipp J. Kroiss It’s sometimes kind of frightening how naive some media are. They probably believe every fairy tale by the animal rights industry. Especially concerning the chimpanzee Vanilla, however, it would not have been so challenging to find out the truth.

Ancestral and rare dogs falsely suspected

Exclusive for – originally published in German on the 22nd of December in 2022. Author: Philipp J. Kroiss. Translator: Denis Gautheret Hairless dogs are among the oldest dog breeds still existing today. The reproach of a “torture breeding” comes up regularly in the discussion of some advocates of their extinction. This is fundamentally wrong.

Basel Zoo says “Thank you Basel!”

Published on the 13.02.2022. The Primate Initiative has failed: around 75% voted against fundamental rights for primates. A very clear vote against animal rights populism. » to the full article

Kamala Harris and the HSUS

Exklusively for – 24th of March in 2021. Autor: Philipp J. Kroiss This article takes a close look at the connection between Kamala Harris, who became vice president of the United States, and the HSUS, a radical animal rights organization.