58 young storks are growing up at Basel Zoo

Published on tierwelt.ch the 29.05.2022. | By: Florian Böhlen This breeding season, 58 young birds have hatched at Zoo Basel, also known as “Zolli”, from the eggs of the returned storks. Wonderful news! » to the full article

BNA on the regulation of wildlife imports

Published on bna-ev.de the 20.10.2021. Numerous associations have rendered their opinion on a motion for a resolution of the Federal Council of Germany regarding the regulation of wildlife imports. » to the full statement

Austria: The return of the Ural owl

Published on tierwelt.ch the 15.08.2021. | By: Leo Niessner Without zoos like Zoo Vienna, there would probably no longer be Ural owls in Austria. However, thanks to Schönbrunn Zoo, as the famous zoo in Vienna is also called, several animals were released into the wild. » to the article & video

COVID-19: WASTE becomes death trap for wildlife

Published on deutschewildtierstiftung.de the 01.04.2021. Masks, gloves, and more are disposable goods. Unfortunately, people often dispose of them in nature and thus they come into contact with wild animals – dangerous! » to the full article