Proteste von Tierschützern in Chicago. Quelle: Jovan J/flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

What are the views of animal rights activists on other political and social issues?

Animal rights activists can not be attributed to a specific political spectrum.

There are left-wing radicals, anarchistic animal rights activists who reject the relationship between people and animals primarily as a rule of domination and understand their commitment to animal rights as a struggle for equality and against capitalist exploitation. There are green-alternative animal rights activists who are ecologically motivated and feminist animal rights activists who reject man-animal dualism on the basis of gender theory, according to which sexes are exclusively socially constructed, which they are transfer to animal species. In 1994, the “Emma”, magazine for women published in Germany, published an article in which butchers and sex murderer were placed on the same level. There are religious animal rights activists who regard the animal as a “fellow creature” which is equal to God before man. Likewise, there are also right-wing animal rights activists who view “Animal Protection as Homeland Security” (NPD) and also make themselves felt in the antispeciesistical movement. In Laupheim, Baden-Württemberg, in March 2007, neo-Nazis distributed a leaflet in front of the “Circus Kaiser” entitled „Zirkus – Amüsement auf Kosten der Tiere“(“Circus – amusement at the animals’ expense”).When Senior Circus Director Edmund Kaiser asked for a leaflet, neo-nazis, who were known by the police, were attacking him.

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