Veterinary Exam of Dolphin Placenta

Published on the YouTube channel Dolphin Quest the 07.11.2019.

Many people associate a dolphin birth with just a cute baby, but this video illustrates a different, generally unknown part, which is also part of the job.

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Published on the 19.10.2019. | By: Nils Heisterhagen

Through the concept #techforfuture, the author encourages a change in the climate debate: away from symbolic politics and off to the promotion of research and technology.

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Deciphering Deep Diving Dolphins

Published on Zoo Logic’s Facebook page the 05.09.2019. | By: Dr. Grey Stafford

Dolphins near the shore seldom dive more than 10 metres deep, offshore dolphins however, dive much deeper. Together with other scientists, whale expert Dr. Andreas Fahlman gets to the bottom of these differences.

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Important research at Dolphin Quest Bermuda

Published on the Facebook page of Dolphin Quest Bermuda the 29.08.2019.

Dr. Jason Bruck and graduate student Tabatha Gunnar from Oklahoma State University are conducting research at Dolphin Quest Bermuda on the vision of bottlenose dolphins, in order to protect them better in nature.

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