Tamaraw at the Mount-Iglit-Baco-National Park (2012) | Photo: Gregg Yan, License: CC BY-SA 3.0

10,000 to less than 500: How people are driving the tamaraw to extinction

Published on newsinfo.inquirer.net the 06.10.2022. | By: Kurt Dela Peña

The world’s rarest buffalo is the tamaraw. This little-known species endemic to the Philippine island Mindoro only lives in small protected areas.

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Note: There isn’t a single zoo worldwide that keeps these animals. This is a huge mistake because it means that – until this day – there is no backup population. Hopefully, that will soon change. However, zoological institutions are already supporting efforts to preserve this largely unknown species. One example is the Berlin Zoo, which has a long tradition of keeping a large population of wild cattle and, therefore, feels a special connection towards these animals.

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