SeaWorld San Diego: Orca shows great trust to its trainer | Photo: svabo, License: CC BY-SA 3.0

A Warning to SeaWorld Employees Regarding Scott Ross

Published on the Facebook page “Stand With SeaWorld” the 05.06.2020.

A site of SeaWorld fans received hints that the Chairman of the Board of SeaWorld, Scott Ross, has been spying on his employees on social media during lockdown.

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Note: Allegedly, who may return and who not, will now be decided on the basis of employees conducts. To what extend this conflicts with the freedom of speech in the US will have to be clarified by lawyers retrospectively. Scott Ross has been under constant criticism for months – also due to the fact that many employees were forced into unpaid leave, thus into financial troubles, whilst management received large bonuses. It is because of this policy that the voices in favour of Ross’ removal from the Board are growing louder.

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