King penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) at Loro Parque | Photo:

Antarctica: it seems tourists make penguins sick

Published on the 13.12.2018. | By: Maria Bolevich

Newest studies suggest that ecotourism is harmful to the penguins in the Antarctica. This once more shows the dangers of ecotourism for animals.

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Note: For years, animal rights activists have cooperated with ecotourism providers, against zoos and aquariums. The greenwashing of these kind of questionable expeditions into the animal kingdom, comes with the argument that it is “better” for the animals. In the interest of wildlife however, it would be much better to reduce the contact to research. In zoological institutions, experts monitor the animals and possible diseases can quickly be treated, which isn´t the case in nature, in addition, wild animals aren´t used to human contact.

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