BBC awarded photo of an Asiatic cheetah by photo trap | Photo: Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS)

Asiatic Cheetah first ever recorded mating

Published on the YouTube channel of the Iranian Cheetah Society the 26.01.2022.

A milestone for the Asiatic Cheetah Conservation Project: for the very first time, mating has been filmed under human care.

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Note: At the end of 2020, we were able to conduct an interview with the CEO of the Iranian Cheetah Society. In it, he stresses the great importance of zoos in supporting the project already back then. In addition to the current in situ measures, an ex situ breeding programme would be of immense support. The fact that the animals are now getting into the mood of reproducing even under human care is another crucial step towards saving the unfortunately not well-known Asiatic cheetahs.

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