Statue group "Justice" by Balthasar Schmitt, consisting of Justitia with scales and sword, as well as innocence (left) and vice (right), on the south gable of the Palace of Justice in Munich. | Photo: Waugsberg, License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Association of Zoos and Aquariums and Dane County, will pay $2.8 Million in Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit

Published on the 21.03.2023. | By: Elizabeth Hanley

The payment marks the settlement reached in relation to a lawsuit filed due to sexual assault at an AZA conference in Seattle.

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Note: It looks like, in the end, it will be the member zoos who will have to pay for the settlement of a lawsuit the AZA and Henry Vilas Zoo tried to cover up for many years. As part of the settlement, not only will the survivor receive monetary damages but the association will also issue a public statement to all AZA members regarding the incident and set up an external reporting and investigation system. The incident primarily seems to have involved unwanted sexual touching that went too far for the victim.

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