Diesem Hund wurde von PETA die Chance auf ein neues Zuhause genommen. Zehntausenden Haustieren ging es ähnlich. | Foto von http://whypetakills.com (Nathan J. Winograd)

Better dead than fed, PETA says

Published on sfgate.com the 23.06.2005. | By: Debra J. Saunders

An article, about PETA‘s killings, that shines a light on the opinions of PETA representatives and their ideology, and is more than shocking.

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Note: Especially shocking is the part on the “rescued” lab animals, which were later killed under the pretence of a lack of money. Modern zoos rescue animals and later give everything to keep them alive. PETA rescues animals, only to kill them later on.

More facts on PETA in the following video, which we have published as a response to a foul attack against modern zoos:

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