False water cobra in Porto Jofre | Photo: Bernard DUPONT, License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Can snakes be trained?

Published on the Facebook page of Behavior Education the 10.05.2022.

A study presents the positive results of box training with false water cobras, which slid into a box voluntarily and without any efforts to capture them.

» to the video with a link to the study

Note: Capturing snakes is not always easy – even for experts. It is stressful and thus only makes sense when there is a benefit for the animal (such as health care, terrarium cleaning, transport etc.). Trainers have now established a target that the snake associates with food. It downright hurries towards the target, where it gets the mouse, wraps around it, thus fully entering the box.

The fact that this training method works for this species is an important first step towards making the procedure feasible with other species too. It would make the care for snakes much easier and safer for both humans and animals – for private snake owners but naturally also zoos and aquariums.

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