Newly hatched chicks | Photo: Otwarte Klatki, license: CC BY 2.0

Chick culling ban: A loss for the environment, animal protection and the economy

Published on the 24.02.2022. | By: Sabine Leopold

Hasty political action of the previous German government has created more problems than it solved in regards to chick culling.

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@agrarheute_com reports about the chick culling ban’s many losers, which was adopted by the previous German government and prohibits killing male day-old chicks. These mainly served as nutritious food for carnivorous animals.

🇦🇹 found a better way of solving this issue!

—  Zoo Association (VdZ) (@VdZ_Zoos) February 25, 2022

The Austrian flag serves as an allusion for the alternative solution adopted by the neighbouring country Austria. Unfortunately, bad policies have made this impossible in Germany.

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