Martin Lacey Jr. with one of his white lions | Photo: Astrid Reuber (Lacey Fund eV)

Circus Krone on tour: Occupational freedom for lions!

Published on the 11.04.2023. | By: Martin Rupps

In light of Circus Krone‘s tour, the author discusses the extreme moral rigorism of the animal rights industry and its collaborators. As an example, he takes the much-acclaimed performance in Ulm, which included animal shows and which anti-circus activists had tried to stop.

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Note: Several years ago, visited Martin Lacey Jr.’s lion and tiger husbandry during one of Circus Krone’s tours. The animals are healthy and kept under excellent conditions. The lions and tigers have access to generously pegged indoor and outdoor facilities filled with enrichment. They can participate in training and shows voluntarily. You can gain insights on YouTube:

This way, you can form your own opinion about the actual conditions. Spoiler alert: it is not as the animal rights industry claims.

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