SeaWorld San Diego: Orca shows great trust to its trainer | Photo: svabo, License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Expert Slams PETA “Celeb” For False Claims

Published on the 30.09.2019. | By: Jenna Deedy

Once again the radical animal rights organisation PETA has hired a “celebrity” to spread its anti-zoo lies. Specialist Dr. Jason Bruck informs the public on the true situation.

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Note: Eric Balfour, whose video is in the article, is an actor, filmmaker, and musician. His career is limited to minor and guest roles in TV series. His attempts as a filmmaker have not been a groundbreaking success and as a musician, he is so successful that the band in which he engages, does not even have a Wikipedia article [at least in the German Wikipedia]. So he is a big celebrity  – typical of PETA. Some celebs always try to get some fame from the radical animal rights industry. In most cases, they are not at a successful time in their career when they undertake such cooperations.

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