Goriallan offspring at Duisburg Zoo | Photo: zoos media

Great Ape Project banned on social media

Published on gerati.de the 29.03.2023. | By: Silvio Harnos

After some outbursts against the author of this article which are likely to have led to a Facebook ban for the Great Ape Project (GAP), he strikes back hard at GAP.

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Note: We from zoos.media will not comment separately on the lies spread by GAP, also mentioned in the article linked above. Our focus lies on debunking GAP with facts and the fact that the project has felt obligated to attack zoos.media’s editor-in-chief personally shows that this works. This is typical of the Great Ape Project, which has also attacked other journalists as well as experts from zoos and aquariums. Following reliable consistency, the allegations made against the individuals have never corresponded to the truth. Therefore, there is no need to comment on them: no one conducting proper research takes the attacks by the GAP seriously.

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