Male Drill (Mandrillus leucophaeus) at Hanover Adventure Zoo | Photo:

Hanover Adventure Zoo: A treasure for conservation

Published in the autumn issue of the magazine Jambo in 2022.

The drill offspring at Hanover Adventure Zoo is a real treasure for conservation. The zoo also combines its drill husbandry with conservation efforts for the species in its natural habitat.

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Note: The work carried out by the association “Save the Drill” (Rettet den Drill e.V.), which originated at Hanover Adventure Zoo and has become a large international project, is vital to the survival of the species.

The organisation’s work is also embedded into the Adventure World, which is where the drills live at Hanover Zoo.

Other zoos are also collaborating successfully with the project.

This shows, once again, how important modern zoos are for the survival of species.

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