Kakapo Sirocco | Photo: Department of Conservation, License: CC BY 2.0

How Critically Endangered Kākāpō Survived Centuries Of Inbreeding

Published on forbes.com the 30.11.2021.

Many people think that inbreeding and species conservation are incompatible – history and science show otherwise, as can be observed in the case of the Kākāpō.

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Note: So-called genetic bottlenecks can be found in the history of many species both in nature and under human care. They do not necessarily result in the end of the species. Zoos and aquariums can also help the affected populations to overcome such bottlenecks faster and more effectively through well-planned breeding. This way, a lot can be made from very little without harming the populations. What lay people often cannot even imagine, experts have often made possible.

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