Two golden poison frogs (Phyllobates terribilis) at Zurich Zoo | Photo: Micha, license: CC BY-SA 3.0 DE

How mail-order frogs could save Colombia’s amphibians

Published on the 17.12.2020. | By: Peter Yeung

Illegal wildlife trade is a big problem – also in Columbia. Experts hope that the husbandry and breeding of the animals under human care will put a stop to the black market trade.

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Note: Husbandry saves species. This project has shown it once again. It follows the approach of replacing a so far ineffective prohibition policy and exploiting the laws of the market instead. A better, legal offer will always be stronger than a worse, illegal offer. The aim is, therefore, to spoil the up to now profitable business for criminals with the aid of breeding frogs and to replace it – this is more sustainable and better for nature overall.

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