White serval in the so-called Sanctuary "Big Cat Rescue" | Photo: nhpanda, license: CC BY-SA 2.0

Hurricane unmasks Carole Baskin & Big Cat Rescue

Published on Felicia Friscia’s Facebook page the 29.09.2022.

Hurricane Ian has helped to unmask animal rights activist and scandalous animal keeper, Carole Baskin, through her setting of priorities.

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Note: In a video, the author of the unmasking, an excellent keeper of big cats herself, provides insights into what she is doing during the hurricane as a true animal welfarist, whilst Baskin uses the storm to promote her harmful Big Cat Safety Act.

This shows once more that it is really zoos and aquariums as well as devoted private animal keepers who truly care for their animals’ welfare, and not self-proclaimed animal welfarists from the animal rights industry.

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