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Visser in Brussels: a story full of lies

Exclusively for zoos.media – 24th of July in 2018. Author: Philipp J. Kroiß

Ingrid Visser, a radical activist of the Free Morgan Foundation was, in front of an EU commission in Brussels, massively misinforming politicians and her followers about the orca Morgan, her attitude and legal foundations.

Visser in Brussels: a story full of lies

Radical activist Ingrid Visser raised money a few weeks ago: “Fly Morgan to the EU Parliament” was the name of the campaign. It was claimed:

„Finally, after more than three years of the FMF raising awareness, the European Union Parliament will discuss issues involving Morgan. Alerted only days ago, scientist Dr Ingrid N. Visser, and lawyer Matthew Spiegl, will have the chance to speak to the Parliament about the issues with Morgan’s permit and the violations that have been committed against her.”

That was a lie. It was never up for debate that they would speak before the European Parliament. They spoke before the Petitions Commission, where 10-20 of the more than 750 Members of Parliament are normally present.

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Old lies not even repackaged

Ultimately, it is hard to imagine how ridiculous these constant attempts by the Free Morgan Foundation are. The radical organization is the only one, who thinks that their interpretation of the legal framework is correct. Both relevant experts and all organizations and bodies involved have repeatedly stated that Free Morgan Foundation is wrong.

Eight courts in the Netherlands have already explained this to her. In every possible instance she lost. There is no reputable expert who has ever agreed with the Free Morgan Foundation on this interpretation – so it was before the Petitions Commission. But that was already foreseeable.

Questionable moral

To ask donations in four digits, although it is foreseeable that you will fail again, is ethically not necessarily flawless. At the same time, the Free Morgan Foundation is forced to do so because it finances itself through donations and the only thing they can really sell is unreasonable hope.

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In the comment columns one sees very well the success with the Ingrid Visser and the Free Morgan Foundation manages to sell by skillfully a hope that no reputable expert, who deals with the materials unbiased, shares.

What can happen at all?

Ultraschalluntersuchung von der Orca-Dame Morgan : dem Loro Parque liegt die Gesundheit der Tiere am Herzen | Foto: zoos.media

Morgan is now at Loro Parque and is no longer capable of reintroduction. That is certain and no trustworthy and serious person doubts it any more. Nevertheless, Visser wants to bring the animal into their possession in order to be able to exercise power of disposal.

If, in the face of any factual situation, a court or the EU would recognize a mistake in the CITES certificate as Visser and her collaborators wish, the Dutch certificate would be canceled and a certificate issued by the Spanish authorities would be implemented. The only thing that would free Visser would be some ink from a printer cartridge. Maybe a Spanish certificate would not even be so bad, because the EU country with most dolphinariums shows its position on this question quite clearly.

In the end, Ingrid Visser does not really have the chance to get the animal, which is good, because the last and only orca she had in her care, died in her amateur husbandry in a swimming pool [sic!]. So why all these trials and appearances? To earn money. Only with action, reach and presence does the Free Morgan Foundation receive donations and sell the merchandising products. Here, courts and the EU Parliament are again and again misused as marketing tools.

It will be observed how long the donors still support such more than questionable actions or whether they want to invest the money in meaningful orca protection. The Loro Parque Fundación, for example, supports a project to protect the orcas in the Strait of Gibraltar. The Free Morgan Foundation has no conservation projects like that.

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