Orca Skyla at the underwater window. | Photo: zoos.media, license: permission of the photographer

Lori Marino causes great harm to science

Published on escholarship.org in March 2020. | By: Kathleen M. Dudzinski, Heather M. Hill, Annalisa Zaccaroni, Radhika Makecha, Malin Lilley, Javier Almunia, Erin Frick, Todd Feucht, Grey Stafford, and Charles I. Abramson

Renowned experts prove that dolphinarium opponent Lori Marino made mistakes in a scientific commentary regarding her assessment of the husbandry of orcas under human care, such as in zoos and aquariums.

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Note: In this peer-reviewed commentary, leading experts for wales under human care prove that the questionable scientist Lori Marino, who is often used by the animal rights industry, did not work according to scientific standards and conveyed personal beliefs rather than facts. They explain:

“We would also like to mention that manuscripts such as Marino et al.’s (2019) do great damage to the fields of comparative psychology and to behavioral science as a whole. […] The usage of the Marino et al. publication can impair the sharing of dependable research and create misinformation in the field of killer whales in human care.” – Dudzinski et al. (2020)

As a result, the true experts have clearly unmasked the activist’s fake science as such.

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