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Loro Parque: Statement by the Founder & President

Published on the Facebook page “Loro Parque News International” the 26.04.2020. | By: Wolfgang Kiessling

In this video statement, the Founder & President of Loro Parque, Wolfgang Kiessling, addresses the public and provides insight on the well-being of both animals and employees at the zoo in Tenerife.

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Note: In the statement, Wolfgang Kiessling also debunks rumours claiming that animals in the park are starving or not receiving the usual care. He lays out in detail how the animals’ well-being is ensured during the coronavirus crisis lockdown and also emphasises the importance of modern zoos and aquariums, especially in times like these.

On YouTube we have a playlist including our videos about Loro Parque.

Especially during the lockdown and if you are tired of the constant media coverage around COVID-19, this playlist might be just the thing to watch. Here you can also find more specific playlists about other aspects of Loro Parque or other zoos.

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