Blue-throated macaw at Loro Parque Fundación's breeding station in La Vera | Photo:

Parrots remember their own actions

Published on the 05.12.2022.

With blue-throated macaws from the Loro Parque Foundation, researchers from the Max-Planck Institute at the Animal Embassy in Loro Parque were able to prove that parrots can remember their own actions.

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Note: We have often reported about the work carried out by this research group on our YouTube channel. In the following video, the manager explains why it is so important and the major role modern zoos can play:

Sara Torres Ortiz does not only do research on parrots at Loro Parque but also on dolphins:

This example shows just how important modern zoos and aquariums are because understanding the animals is the key to any nature and species conservation project. This understanding only comes with proper research. It is the basis of any well-functioning project. Many research projects would not be feasible were it not for modern animal husbandry in zoos, as they could not be carried out in nature. And yet, at the same time, these research projects are essential in order to protect the animals in nature effectively.

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