Von PETA getöteter und entsorgter Hund in einer Plastiktüte, die in einem Mülleimer gefunden wurde - tausenden erging es wohl gleich oder ähnlich. | Foto von http://whypetakills.com (Nathan J. Winograd)

PETA is taking €1.7 million out of its donation pot for itself

Published on the Facebook page of Araber-Spiegel on 14.12.2016.

The specialist magazine analyses the use of donations by the animal rights group PETA Deutschland e.V. by allocated purpose.

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Analyse des financial statment für 2015 auf peta.org

Supplement: PETA, who is against modern zoos and weakens conservations projects because of this, itself admits that only 10% is used for what it calls “charitable animal protection”. Based on this, our analysis of the financial statement for PETA (published on peta.org) has led to the breakdown in the graphic on the right.
This financial statement deals with the parent organisation of PETA Germany. On the basis of this financial statement and the statement of Ullmann, who in an interview for the Huffington Post apparently made the general claim for PETA that only 10% of funds were spent on so-called “charitable animal protection”, it may be estimated that this designation probably means the item “Rescue” in the financial statement, since this was the only position that can be meaningfully attributed to this designation. About 90% go to PETA for all kinds of animal rights propaganda and the payment of those who create the content.
As can be seen in the analysis of Araber-Spiegel, this continues in the daughter organisation in Germany: once again, this shows that PETA primarily serves itself and its own ideology.
The fact that PETA is “uneconomic” had already been confirmed by the Warentest Foundation, a famous foundation checking products and businesses.

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