"Selbstporträt" eines Schopfmakaken-Weibchens (Macaca nigra) in Nord-Sulawesi (Indonesien) mit der Kamera des Fotografen David Slater. | Lizenz: public domain

Ninth Circuit Recently Slams PETA Over Monkey Selfie Lawsuit

Published on lexology.com on 07/11/2018 | Author: Duane Morris

The Ninth Circuit panel criticized PETA for claiming it was a “next friend” of the monkey Naruto, who made a selfie causing a controversy about copyrights.

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Note: Will modern zoos and aquariums support the conservation project the photographer aimed to support to with his work, PETA not only ruined the photographer but also took actions against one of the heads of the conservations project helping Naruto and the other monkeys.

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