Dieser Hund starb durch die Hand von PETA - wie viele andere, obwohl sie auch gesund und adoptierfähig waren. | Foto von http://whypetakills.com (Nathan J. Winograd)

PETA: “We want the end of all animal husbandry”

Published on taz.de the 10.10.2011. | By: Jost Maurin

In an interview with the German newspaper TAZ, animal rights activist Edmund Haferbeck from PETA confirmed that the organisation’s goal is the end of all forms of animal husbandry.

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Note: It is important to bear in mind that PETA is not only against keeping tigers in the circus, but also against keeping cats at home – in 2014, the University of Göttingen estimated that there were 11,5 cats in German households. PETA’s FAQ’s state the following on the topic of pet-keeping:

“Dennoch sind wir der Meinung, dass es Tieren besser ginge, wenn das Konzept des „Haustiers“ […] nie erfunden worden wäre.” (As of 04.09.2017, 11:24h)

(Translation: “Nevertheless, we believe that animals would be better off, had the concept of “pets” […] never been invented.”)

Regarding the term “Peta has never been convicted by a final judgement”, this article is interesting.

PETA is against all forms of animal husbandry, from circuses to zoos to pets. The basis for this is an ideology for which actual facts are irrelevant, as it is based on the belief that keeping animals is generally bad. They are not against bad circuses, bad zoos, or bad pet owners, but rather against all of them in general – they are not interested in improvement, only in closing them. Even the best zoos in the world are subject to the animal rights organisation’s populism.

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