Sumatran orangutans in the Pongoland of Leipzig Zoo (2017) | Photo: Fiver, der Hellseher, license: CC BY-SA 4.0

Prof. Jörg Junhold: “The great apes miss the interaction”

Published on the 10.01.2020. | By: Doreen Beilke

At Leipzig Zoo, not only do visitors observe the great apes, but the great apes also observe the visitors – something that is not possible in times of lockdown.

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Note: In the report by the newspaper BILD, you can find the phrasing that the orangutans, for instance, “suffer” under the absence of visitors. This terminology is unfortunate, as the animals show no signs of real suffering, in the form of animal welfare relevant suffering. Prof. Junhold’s formulation, “miss”, is far more accurate.

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