René Casselly Jr. at the Hungarian National Circus | Photo:

René Casselly is now the King of Monaco

Published on the 28.01.2023.

The famous athlete, dancer, and circus artist René Casselly Jr. has made circus history on horseback alongside his sister and a colleague.

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Note: Because public television in Germany censors the circus festival, especially to the detriment of those artists that work with animals, we would like to point out that various short and full-length versions of the sensational act can also be found online. The audience celebrates the three artists and their animal colleagues. Here you can watch the whole performance:

For many years now, the circus festival in Monaco has had very high animal welfare standards to ensure that no animal is mistreated. German television’s censorship is based on ideology and not on facts. It remains to be seen how it behaves toward René Casselly Jr.’s breathtaking act.

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