Naked mole-rat, also known as sand puppy, at the Aquazoo Loebbecke Museum | Photo:

Sand Puppies move in to Zurich Zoo along with the Rhinoceros: Turn on the Spotlight for this Fascinating Creature of the Dark

Published on the 03.06.2020. | By: Urs Bühler & Karin Hofer

The article dives into the fascinating world of the naked mole-rats, some of which have moved into the new Lewa-Savannah at Zurich Zoo.

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Note: We at have visited the naked mole-rats at the Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum in Düsseldorf and have published two videos about them.

This species is very special and worth visiting at any zoo that keeps it. Mammals with the social life of insects are fascinating to observe. It is also important that there are zoos and aquariums that show this species and raise awareness about it. For Zurich Zoo and the entire zoo world it is certainly a wonderful enrichment.

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