Ziegler's crocodile newt male | Photo: Nguyen Thien Tao, license: CC BY-SA 3.0

Scientists establish gaps within the safety of Vietnam’s amphibians

Published on news.postsus.com the 05.07.2022.

A combination of in situ and ex situ measures will ensure the survival of critically endangered amphibians in Vietnam – thus the lifesaving plan of scientists.

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Note: Luckily, they have already succeeded at saving several species, or rather, at implementing a  plan that has gotten off to a great start but which needs to be pursued long-term. Zoological institutions are known and have proven to combine ex situ and in situ measures effectively.

Kölner Zoo sendet bedrohte Vietnamesische Krokodilmolche zurück in ihr Heimatland

Therefore, if modern zoos and aquariums did not exist already, we would quickly have to invent them.

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