Orca Morgan in Loro Parque | Photo: zoos.media

Simmons: Is ‘Empty the Tanks Day’ in animals’ best interest?

Published on bostonherald.com the 13.05.2023. | By: Mark Simmons

The renowned expert Mark Simmons speaks about “Empty the Tanks“. He explains that the animal rights industry’s campaign is not  in the best interest of animal welfare.

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Note: This isn’t just Mark Simmons’ individual opinion. Over 160 experts in the field have spoken out in favour of keeping marine mammals under human care.

Wissenschaft verstärkt Bekenntnis zur Haltung von Delfinen und anderen Meeressäugern

Among them are some of the best in their respective fields and, in particular, people who have worked with both animals in the wild and animals under human care for long periods of time.

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