Orca | Photo: Caitriana Nicholson, license: CC BY-SA 2.0

Spain: Orca attack on sailing yacht

Published on spiegel.de the 12.05.2023.

Time and again, orcas attack boats. The reason for this remains unclear. The article takes a look at an incident that occurred in May on the route from Tenerife to mainland Spain.

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Note: The incident shows, once again, that orca attacks do not just take place under human care, as the animal rights industry constantly likes to claim. Like many other things they allege, it is not correct. They often pose the rhetorical question why four people have already died linked to orcas in captivity but non in the wild. The reason is quite obvious: in the wild, there is almost always a boat between the orcas and humans, preventing worse things from happening in case of collision.

Considering how many unproblematic direct interactions there have been in over half a century of orca keeping, the number of deadly accidents is low. Only two of the accidents involved trainers working in facilities that would be considered modern. One of the deaths occurred during a questionable action in a facility that was in rather dubious condition even by the standards of the time. The fourth accident was the result of somebody illegally jumping into the tank and likely harassing the animals. The two remaining deaths were accidental and not attacks.

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