Psychedelic rock gecko (Cnemaspis psychedelica) | Photo: Prof. Thomas Ziegler

Threatened Biodiversity Potential of Hon Khoai Island, Southern Vietnam

Published on the 04.06.2021. | By: Truong Quang Nguyen, Hai Ngoc Ngo, Khoi Vu Nguyen, Manh Huu Bui, Phuong Huy Dang, Cuong The Nguyen, Tru Vu Hoang & Thomas Ziegler

The psychedelic rock gecko lives on the island Hon Khoai in the south of Vietnam. Many of the island’s habitats and their inhabitants are threatened.

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Note: As you can see in the article, Prof. Thomas Ziegler from Cologne Zoo is researching and working to protect the species. This shows once again just how many threads of conservation come together in modern zoos – namely in situ and ex situ conservation, as well as research and education in situ and ex situ.

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