North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) | Photo: Moira Brown / New England Aquarium

Whale “Sanctuaries” Over Right Whales?

Published on the 05.11.2021. | By: Jenna Deedy

A critical examination of the Whale Sanctuary Project‘s priorities with several insights into the extent of animal rights activists’ ignorance.

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Note: A particularly noteworthy passage mentions just how lucrative this sanctuary – which does not even exist yet – already is for the undertaking’s officials:

“According to 2020 Tax filings, WSP Executive Director Charles Vinick made $166,667 and WSP President Dr. Lori Marino made $80,000. For a charity with an operating budget hovering around $1 million, the salaries for these two represent about ¼ of the entire operating budget for the facility and 53% of the WSP’s yearly revenue in 2020.”

Once again, the brains behind the animal rights industry have made sure that this project too brings them a lot of money.

In the animal welfare business, “…because we love money”

How much money do you make in animal rights organisations?

This reflects what the project is mainly about.

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