Orangutan Surya at Rostock Zoo | Photo: Joachim Kloock, License: CC BY-SA 3.0 DE

What is a pro cap researcher?

Published on Jason Bruck’s Facebook page the 07.08.2019.

Renowned scientist Jason Bruck takes a stand on one of the terms, the animal rights industry likes to use for objectors : “pro cap researcher”. He debunks the term with his explanations.

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Note: In the US especially, animal rights activists like to frame as “pro cap researchers”, those researchers, with a differing opinion about zoos and aquariums. Jason Bruck’s statements reflect our own experience: There is no reputable scientist, who approves of all kinds of animal husbandry or who opposes all types of animal husbandry. A reputable scientist develops a differentiated view and distinguishes between good and bad husbandry, stating his opinion accordingly.

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