Dolphin with calf | Photo: Thakur Dalip Singh, License: CC BY 3.0

Why Artificial Animals Can Never Replace In-Person Encounters

Published on the 21.05.2020. | By: Jenna Deedy

If it were up to animal rights activists, in the future, dolphin robots would replace dolphinariums. The article explains why this doesn’t really work.

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Note: The robot idea also ignores a very important pillar of modern zoos and aquariums: research. It is only thanks to dolphinariums that we can study these animals so comprehensively. A robot would make this completely impossible. However, research is the basis needed to fully protect animals. Only last Friday did we publish a video on our YouTube channel that shows how important real dolphins and other marine mammals under human care are, to enable research that helps marine mammals around the world – and especially in nature:

This shows just how important real animals in modern zoos and aquariums are.

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