Sumatran rhino Emi and her son Harapan (14 months) at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden (2008) | Photo: Charles W. Hardin, License: CC BY 2.0

Work starts on new sanctuary for captive breeding of Sumatran rhinos

Published on the 12.11.2021. | By: Basten Gokkon

Breeding under human care is deemed to be the only chance at survival for Sumatran rhinos. Wild rhinos are now being moved to a new breeding centre for breeding purposes to ensure the much-needed offspring.

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Note: The headline mentions the word sanctuary, yet this type of sanctuary has nothing to do with animal rights activists’ facilities of the same name. The latter ones do not focus on breeding and instead implement unnatural methods to prevent it, which makes them completely irrelevant for conservation. The Sumatran Rhino Sanctuaries (SRS) focus on the exact opposite: breeding to save species. The work carried out in situ would be impossible without modern zoos:

Reproduktion des Sumatra-Nashorns entschlüsselt

The consequence of animal rights activists’ opposition to conservation breeding would be the extinction of Sumatran rhinos.

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