Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin at the Dolphin Research Institute (Florida Key's) | Photo: Reinhard Link, license: CC BY-SA 2.0

Wounded Warriors Interact With Florida Keys Dolphins As Therapy

Published on the 09.01.2021.

The bottlenose dolphins at the Dolphin Research Center help injured soldiers heal as much as possible, both emotionally and physically. The programme is very successful.

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Note: Therapy with dolphins has been discredited by charlatans, who attributed healing powers to them. This has been fully disproven. Modern dolphinariums, on the other hand, are working together with doctors to offer interactive programmes that use people’s enthusiasm for the animals and the positivity they experience during the programme to promote healing. This approach is proven to work with dolphins as well as other animals in other concepts. Differentiating is crucial when it comes to the keywords “dolphin therapy”. Dolphins are not magical beings, however, experiences with them can be used as part of therapies. The key aspect is that the programmes need to be carried out professionally. The Dolphin Research Center is very well-versed in the matter and has a scientific approach to dolphin husbandry overall.

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