Besucher bewundern im Georgia Aquarium eine Installation, die ein tropisches Riff zeigt. | Foto: jimmyweee, Lizenz: CC BY 2.0

WWF: Ozeanium – A global concern

Published on | By: Dorothea de Gruyter

A worthwhile article from the WWF on the topic Ozeanium in Basel. It shows that there are expert positions within the WWF, concerning aquariums.

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Note: The WWF has also published a contra article, which shows that unfortunately, there are unqualified positions within the WWF, that evidently neither show the necessary expertise nor the understanding for wide-ranging animal, species and nature conservation and that prefer to form an opinion based on the animal rights industries platidudes. Such a statement harms the organisations reputation and casts a negative light on the WWF. Dorothea de Gruyter´s statements however inject new hope. It is highly welcome to see an increase in statements at the WWF, that side with zoological institutions.

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