Giraffes and Elephants at the Pittsburgh Zoo | Photo: Daderot, License: CC0 1.0

Zoos are making extraordinary efforts to save animals one species at a time

Published on the 19.05.2022. | By: Kim Strong

An article that acknowledges the extraordinary efforts of zoological institutions to save animals one species at a time.

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Note: The animal rights organisation PETA also gets a chance to speak in the article. For PETA, accredited US zoos are only depositories for animals that cannot be accommodated elsewhere. PETA completely ignores that zoos and aquariums are important centres for nature and species conservation, and the article places much value on illustrating that this is very much the case. In the article, you will also find a great response to the smear campaigns against zoos, which are wrongly described as “criticism” in the article:

“Quite honestly it’s one thing to say, ‘I love animals, leave everything in the wild.’ But honestly, there is no wildlife. There’s deforestation, there’s poaching, there’s wildfires. Zoos are the most prepared to help animals.” – Jeremy Goodman, CEO of Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium

PETA is not, and the fact that the article stresses that even PETA considers the work that accredited zoos and aquariums do to be important is irrelevant because no zoo or aquarium in the world needs legitimation from a fraudulently operating and mass animal-killing NGO.

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