Important research at Dolphin Quest Bermuda

Published on the Facebook page of Dolphin Quest Bermuda the 29.08.2019. Dr. Jason Bruck and graduate student Tabatha Gunnar from Oklahoma State University are conducting research at Dolphin Quest Bermuda on the vision of bottlenose dolphins, in order to protect them better in nature.

What is a pro cap researcher?

Published on Jason Bruck’s Facebook page the 07.08.2019. Renowned scientist Jason Bruck takes a stand on one of the terms, the animal rights industry likes to use for objectors : “pro cap researcher”. He debunks the term with his explanations.

Oh, Canada!

Published on the Facebook page “Zoo Logic” the 20.06.2019. | By: Dr. Grey Stafford with Dr. Kelly Jaakkola, Dr. Jason Bruck & Mark Simmons In the podcast, four experts on animal, species and nature conservation as well as on whale research, rank Canada’s decision against comprehensive whale protection. » more