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Who advises TripAdvisor on dolphins in zoos?

Published on Dr. Jason Bruck’s Facebook page the 02.10.2019.

Cetacean expert Dr. Jason Bruck has found clear words on TripAdvisor‘s decision, which is directed against animal welfare, science and nature conservation.

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Note: This bad choice acts as a reminder of some of the companies similar announcements dating back to 2017. Two years ago we published the following articles on the topic:

TripAdvisors Nähe zu PETA verärgert Aquarien

Nationale Kampagne ruft zum Boykott gegen TripAdvisor auf

The future will show whether the company, currently experiencing financial difficulties, can afford such bad press, owed to its choice against zoos and aquariums and thus against animal, species and nature conservation. A few months ago, Thomas Cook found themselves in a similar position, now they are broke.

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