Endangered species: Survival under human care

Published on deutschlandfunknova.de the 30.11.2019. | By: Christian Schmitt Many endangered species are reliant on zoos for survival. In the interview, Volker Homes, director of the Association of Zoological Gardens (VdZ), reports on the important work that members of the association carry out. » more

Conservation: Zoo experts meet in Rostock

Published on ostsee-zeitung.de the 20.06.2019. | By: Susanne Gidzinski Report on the annual general meeting of the german Association of Zoological Gardens (Verband der Zoologischen Gärten, VdZ), in Höhe Düne. Conservation was a very important topic. » more

Zoos remain a model for success

Published on blog.nz-online.de the 03.04.2019. | By: Ute Wolf Record attendance at VdZ-zoos! The article speaks about the great figures of the member zoos and thus shows how the facilities are and remain a model for success. » more

How many people visit zoos?

The individual zoos publish their attendance figures every year. But how many visitors came to all zoos in Germany overall? A comparison.

How many animals live in zoos?

Previously, zoos aimed to have the most extensive collection of species possible. Today animal welfare is the top priority.

How many zoos are there?

Europe is home to nearly half of all zoos in the world. And Germany is among the countries with the highest amount of zoological gardens.