FDP calls for government aid programme for zoos

Published on stadtzeitung.de the 16.02.2021. How can we help zoos and aquariums that have suffered great damage because of lockdown? The FDP (Free Democratic Party) has an idea: a government aid programme. » to the full article

Gero Hocker: PETA’s dilemma

Published on Gero Hocker’s Facebook page the 22.11.2021. | By: Dr. Gero Hocker The FDP politician Dr. Gero Hocker comments on the decision of the German Federal Administrative Court against the radical animal rights organisation PETA. » to the full post

Asiatic Cheetahs in Danger

Exklusiv für zoos.media – 22th of November in 2020. Autor: Philipp J. Kroiß Not many people know about the existence of Asiatic cheetahs, which is a problem because they need protection. We interviewed expert Morteza Pourmirzai.